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I scratch, gnaw, tear
ἀμυσσω -ξω ἠμυξα
doric for pros
I pierce, run through
πειρω ἐπειρα ... πεπαρμαι ἐπαρην
nail, stud
ἡλος, ὁ
I vent rage (against)
μηνιω ἐμηνισα (+DAT)
I leap up
clear-voiced, clear-toned
λιγυς εια υ
speaker, orator
ἀγορητης ὁ
μελι, μελιτος το
voice, speech
αὐδη, ἡ
articulate, or poss. simply 'mortal'
μεροψ, οπος
I wane, decay, perish
φθιω φθισω ἐφθισα
I rear
τρεφω θρεψω ἐθρεψα/ἐτραφον ἐτραφην
sacred, most holy
ἠγαθεος η ον