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oh shame!
grief, sorrow
πενθος εος, το
I rejoice
γηθεω γηθησω ἐγηθησα
I fight, quarrel
I surpass, excel, am superior to; remain, survive.
περιειμι (+GEN)
better, stronger
ἀρειων ον
I keep company with, consort with
I disregard one, depise
like, resembling
ἐπιεικελος ον (+DAT)
centaur (Aeol. for θηρ, wild beast)
φηρ φηρος, ὁ
far off, distant
ἀπιος α ον
I quarrel, challenge, vie with
ἐριζω ἐρισω ἠρισα
against, face to face
I am born (pres); I bear (aor)
γεινομαι ἐγειναμην
part, share; fate
μοιρα, ἡ