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I signal; I sign; I show
σημαίνω, σημανῶ, ἐσήμηνα, ἐσημάνθην, σεσήμασμαι
abruptly, by way of interruption
I depart; I yield, give way
ὑπεικω -ξω ὑπειξα
I rush, rush forth
hostile, contending (words)
ἀντιβιος ον
I pick out, choose, judge
κρινω κρινῶ ἐκρινα
I make to sit, seat, place
ἱζω εἱσα
ὑγρος α ον
road, path, way; journey
κελευθος, ἡ
I command
ἀνωγα (pf. pres.)
dirt, defilement
λυμα, ατος το
unfruitful, barren (of the sea)
ἀτρυγετος ον
I turn round, whirl, eddy
ἐλισσω / ἐλισσομαι
καπνος, ὁ
I work, toil