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I come, I am present
one after the other, wave after wave
ἐπασσυτερος ον
shaft, arrow
κηλον, το
to us (=ἡμιν)
valiant, good
ἠυς/ἐυς; -υν; -ἐηος (neut. s. = εὐ)
I profit
ὀνινημι ὀνησω ὠνησα
quickly, swiftly
I fear
δειδω δεισομαι ἐδεισα δειδια/δεδοικα(pf.pres)
I remind
μιμνησκω/μνάομαι μνησω ἐμνησα
I remember
μιμνησκομαι μνησομαι ἐμνησαμην μεμνημαι ἐμνησθην
I help, aid
ἀρηγω -ξω (+DAT)
stern (of a ship)
πρυμνα, ἡ
I partake of
would that (you) (=εἰθε)
αἰθ' ὀφελες
unharmed, unhurt
ἀπημων ον