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I gather up, furl (sails); I set out
στελλομαι, στελουμαι, ἐσταλην
I send, despatch
πεμπω πεμψω ἐπεμψα πεπομφα πεπεμμαι ἐπεμφθην
I approach, draw near
πελαζω -ασω ἐπελασα
cord, chain
ὁρμος, ὁ
I row
ἐρετμον, το
the surf, the sea's edge
ῥηγμιν ινος, ὁ
seafaring (of ships)
ποντοπορος ον
εὐδμητος ον
οὐλοχυται, αἱ
I press hard, oppress
ἰπτομαι ἰψομαι ἰψαμην
I slay, slaughter
σφαζω -ξω ἐσφαξα
I skin, flay
δερω, ἐδειρα
fat, steam of burnt fat
κνισα, ἡ
stake of wood, esp. firewood
σχιζα, ἡ