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I pour, pour forth
I eat
πατέομαι πασομαι ἐπασαμην
I cut up
drink, beverage (looks like ποσις, husband)
ποσις -ιος, ἡ
meat, food
ἐδητυς υος, ἡ
mixing vessel
κρατηρ, ὁ
I surround, put round
στεφω -ψω ἐστεψα
beaker, goblet
δεπας, το
I sing
μελπω μελψω ἐμελψα
I lie down, go to bed
I put out to sea
a fair wind
οὐρος, ὁ
I spread open (sail)
πεταννυμι ἐπετασσα
I cry, shout
I run (all other tenses, τρεχω)
θέω θευσομαι imp. ἐθεον