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left, on the left; stupid
σκαιος α ον
ἀνθερεων, ὁ
up to, so long...until
I increase, enlarge
I owe; I ought to; (only in strong aor.) would that
ὀφειλω, ὀφειλησω, ὠφειλησω / ὠφελον
I help, benefit
ὠφελέω, ὠφελήσω, ὠφέλησα, ὠφελήθην
unerring, infallible
νημερτης ες
I promise
ὑπισχνέομαι -σχησομαι ὑπεσχομην
I nod assent
κατανευω -σομαι κατενευσα
fear, reason for fear
δεος -ους, το
I am angered
I trust (like passive)
πεποιθα + DAT (pf. of πειθω)
I am dark (in colour)
locks (loose and flowing hair)
χαιτη, ἡ
immortal, divine
ἀμβροσιος α ον