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I spring up
ἀναισσω ἀνηιξα
I suffer; I dare (to do)
*τλάω τλησομαι ἐτλην τετληκα
I strike, thrash
θεινω θενω ἐθενον
painful, difficult
ἀργαλεος α ον
at another time, one time
βηλος, ὁ
heavenly, ineffable
θεσπεσιος α ον
I fall
πιπτω πεσουμαι ἐπεσον
I take care of, attend to; I carry off, bring
κομιζω, more fr. κομιζομαι
I smile
μειδάω (only as aor. μειδησε)
goblet, cup
κυπελλον, το
ἀσβεστος η ον
φορμιγξ, -ιγγος, ἡ
*ὀψ; ὀπα, ὀπος, ὀπι; ἡ
where (relative to τῃ)
ἡχι (Att. ᾑ)