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proud, high-minded
ἀγερωκος ον
more profitable, more advantageous
κερδιων ονος
κομόων ουσα ον
foremost man
προμος, ὁ
ἐριηρος ον
foreign, strange (belonging to another people or land)
ἀλλοδαπος η ον
νυος, ἡ
misery, calamity
πημα -ατος, το
shame, dejection
κατηφεια, ἡ
κονια, ἡ
of stone
λαινος η ον
I clothe
ἑννυμι ἑσω ἑσσα
I put on, wear
ἑννυμαι ἑσσομαι ἑσαμην εἱμαι
tireless, unyielding
ἀτειρης ες
of a ship; 'ship timber'
νηιος α ον