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force (e.g. of an axe)
ἐρωη, ἡ
ἐρατος η ον
worthless, can be thrown aside
ἀποβλητος η ον
voluntarily, readily, of one's will
ἑκων ουσα ον
involuntarily, against one's will
ἀεκων / ἀκων -ουσα -ον
I cut
τεμνω τεμῶ ἐτεμον (Ion. ἐταμον) τετμηκα τεμημαι ἐτμηθην
φαλαγξ -αγγας, ἡ
I was pushing back
ἀρεεργον (ἀνειργω)
I sit down
ἱδρυομαι -σομαι ἱδρυσαμην (pass. ἱδρυσθην)
I try to hit, aim
furious, impetuous
ἐσσυμενος η ον
without a sound, in silence
ἀνεῳ (adv)
softly, silently
ἀκην (adv)
ἀκη, ἡ
I separate (from each other), part combatants