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tender (mostly in neut.)
τερην -εινα -εν
I am wise, sensible
πεπνυμαι (pf. pres)
τεττιξ -ιγος
ὑλη, ἡ
I sit upon
ἐφεζομαι (mainly in part.)
righteous anger; retribution; resentment
νεμεσις -εως, ἡ
causing indignation
νεμεσητος η ον
gigantic, monstrous, awe-inspiring
πελωρ(ι)ος ον
γεραρος α ον
father-in-law (epic for πενθερος)
ἑκυρος, ὁ
brother, sister
γνωτος / γνωτη
dear, beloved (child)
τηλυγετος η ον
I melt, melt down
τηκω ἐτηξα τετηκα τετηγμαι
ἀμφοτερος η ον (ἀμφοτερον as adv.)
I wonder, admire
ἀγαμαι ἠγασαμην