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happy, blest
ὀλβιος α ον
rich in vines (Phrygia)
ἀμπελοεις -εσσα -εν
bank, dune
ὀχθη, ἡ / ὀχθος, ὁ
ἐπικουρος, ὁ
less (irr. comp. of μικρος)
μειων ον
and (epic)
ἰδε (conj.)
I liken, deem like, compare
ἐïσκω (+DAT)
rocky, rugged
κραναος η ον
of all sorts
παντοιος α ον
close, compact; shrewd
πυκνος η ον / πυκινος
I learn
ἐδαην (only in aor. pass)
with the face downwards, foremost
πρηνης ες
wintry, stormy
χειμεριος α ον
with flowing robe
τανυπεπλος η ον