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leader, chief
ἀγος, ὁ
a pair, two
with the fist, [so 'good at boxing']
πυξ (adv) [ἀγαθος]
on the spot, here, there; straightaway
skin, hide, wineskin
ἀσκος, ὁ
τα ἡνια
I march in rows, ranks
στιχάομαι, imp. ἐστιχόωντο
large knife
μαχαιρα, ἡ
guardian, ruler
μεδεων, ὁ
I punish, avenge (τινω, I pay a price, here Med. 'I exact a price')
τινομαι (Hom. τινυμμαι) τεισομαι ἐτεισαμην
I kill, slay
κατεφεφνον (aor., no pres.)
satisfaction, requital (lit. bloodmoney, weregild)
ποινη, ἡ
throat, gullet
στομαχος, ὁ
pitiless, ruthless
νηλης ες
I plunge into ruin, undo
πημαινω -ανῶ ἐπημηνα