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I wail, mourn
I prepare, provide
πορσυνω πορσυνῶ ἐπορσυνα
bright, shining
ἀργης -ητος
φιλομειδης ες
I reprove, upbraid
ἐνιπτω -ψω ἠνιπαπα
I lie asleep
εὐνάω -ησω εὐνησα
I delight, gladden
τερπω -ψω ἐτερψα (ἐταρφθην - epic)
I enjoy, have enjoyment of
τερπομαι -ψομαι ἐτερψαμην
I cover, hide
κευθω -σω ἐκευσα κεκευθα κεκευμαι
I praise, approve, commend
αἰνέω αἰνησω ῃνησα ῃνεκα ῃνημαι
(he was / they were) left alone (οἰόομαι)
οἰωθη / οἰωθησαν
I go straight, press right on; I am eager (for/to do)
ἰθυω, ἰθυσα (if trans, +ACC or +INF)
in the middle, between
I break through, shatter
ῥηγνυμι ῥηξω ἐρρηξα
I pass through, traverse; I pierce
περάω -ᾱσω ἐπερᾱσα πεπερᾱκα