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I slay (slew)
(*φενω) ἐπεφνον (actually considered a part of θεινω, but has a specific meaning)
well-build, good to dwell in
ἐυκτιμενος η ον
rich, wealthy in (+GEN)
ἀφνειος ον (+GEN)
life; means of living, livelihood
βιοτος, ὁ (epic word)
I ward off, defend (+DAT); I suffice, am strong enough
ἀρκέω ἀρκεσω ἠρκεσα (+DAT)
ὑφηνιοχος, ὁ
I strip of arms; (metaph.) I kill, slay
Naiad, water-nymph
Ναιας -αδος / Ναις / Νηις, ἡ
race, family, age
γενεα, ἡ
I shepherd, tend, guide
greatest (sup. μακρος)
μηκιστος η ον
μηκος, το
I strip off (arms)
συλάω, imp. ἐσυλα
steadfast, staunch in battle
μενεπτολεμος ον
I kill, slay
ἐναιρω(-ομαι), ἐνηρα(-αμην)