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high, lofty
αἰπεινος η ον
high, steep
αἰπυς -εια -υ
bewildered, distressed
ἀτυζομενος η ον / ἀτυχθεις (ἀτυζομαι)
I disable, hinder (+GEN=FROM); I hurt, harm (post-Hom)
βλαπτω -ψω ἐβλαψα βεβλαφα ἐβλαφην
ἁρμα -ατος, το
chariot pole
ῥυμος ὁ
τροχος, ὁ
I roll out (pass 'I was thrown out')
ἐκκυλινδω -ισα, pass. ἐκκυλισθην
I take captive, take alive
elaborate, wrought
πολυκμητος ον
I gratify, oblige, give freely (i.e. am glad to give)
soft, ripe
πεπων ον
made invisible, blotted out
ἀφαντος ον
destined, agreeable to fate, fitting
αἰσιμος ον
I wound, stab
οὐτάω -ησω οὐτησα