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I rally, whirl round (as an army)
ἐλελιζομαι (pass. of ἐλελιζω)
starlike, sparkling
ἀστεροεις -εσσα -εν
I ward off (ACC from DAT); I lend aid (to DAT)
ἀλεξω -ξησω ἠλεξα (+ACC)+DAT
strength, valour
ἀλκη, ἡ
furious, impetuous
θουρος ον / θουριδος
councillor, elder
βουλευτης, ὁ
σφυρον, το
skin, hide
δερμα, το
edge, rim
ἀντυξ -υγος, ἡ
last, outermost
πυματος η ον
both, either
ἀμφοτερος α ον
θαρσος (Att. θαρρος) -εος το
wretched, unhappy
δυστηνος ον
τιθηνη, ἡ
bosom, lap
κολπος, ὁ