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carpenter, builder
τεκτων -ονος ὁ
ring, hoop
πορκης -ου ὁ
female slave
δμωη, ἡ
I heat, make hot
destructive, consuming
δαιος α ον (ep. δηιος)
δαηρ -ερος, ὁ
I ordain, decree, assign (Hom); I infer (post-Hom)
τεκμαιρομαι τεκμαροῦμαι ἐτεκμηραμην
I press down, press hard, drive on
from within, within
housemate; household slave
οἰκευς -εως (ep. οἰκηυς)
I find, come upon
(ἐ)τετμον (only aor.)
οὐδος, ὁ (Att. ὁδος, ntbcw ὀδος)
brothers' wives, sisters-in-law
εἰνατερες, αἱ
housekeeper, housewife
ταμια, ἡ
street, highway
ἀγυια, ἡ