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ἀγαπητος η ον
I love, am fond of
ἀγαπάω (ep. ἀγαπαζω)
brotherly love
ἀγαπη, ἡ
I consume, destroy
φθισω, ἐφθισα (causal tenses of φθιω)
χηρα, ἡ
I miss (one's mark); I am deprived of
ἀφαμαρτανω (+GEN)
I enter, go (down) into; I put on (clothes); I cause to sink (fut+aor)
δυω/δυνω ἐδυνα/ἐδυν; more fr. δυομαι δυσομαι ἐδυσαμην
I go after, pursue
ἐφεπω ἐφεψω ἐπεσπον
I follow
ἑπομαι ἑψομαι ἑσπετο +DAT
πτελεα, ἡ
I plant (trees; metaph., & usu. in mid., children)
to one (neuter dative εἱς - Attic ἑνι)
of shambling gait (of oxen)
white (of sheep - Aeolic for ἀργος)
ἀργεννος η ον
Shooter of Arrows (Artemis)
ἰοχεαιρα, ἡ