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wild fig tree
ἐρινεος, ὁ
I say, tell
ἐνεπω / ἐννεπω (later ἐνισπω); ἐνισπησω, ἐνισπον
I fear, respect, stand in awe
αἰδέομαι/poet. αἰδομαι αἰδεσομαι ῃδεσαμην +ACC
I avoid
I win, gain (esp. 'strive to win')
ἀρνυμαι ἀρέομαι/ἀρουμαι ἀρομην
armed with good ashen spear
εὐμμελιης ες
having been deprived of
ἀπουρας (aor. part of ἀπαυράω)
want, lack
χητος, το
splendid, preeminent
ἀριπρεπης ες
ἠλακατη, ἡ
swift, rushing
κραιπνος η ον
manger, trough
φατνη, ἡ
being accustomed (to)
ἐθων, pf. εἰωθως
splendour, beauty
ἀγλαια, ἡ
lightly, swiftly