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haunts (of animals, in pl.); custom
ἡθος, το
custom, habit
ἐθος, το
νομος, ὁ (2)
The Beaming Sun
ἠλεκτωρ -ωρος, ὁ
I converse with
ὀαριζω + DAT
trusty, honoured
ἠθειος α ον
ominous, fateful, righteous
ἐναισιμος ον
I make good, make amends; I please (+DAT)
ἀρεσκω ἀρεσω ἠρεσα ἀρηρεκα (+DAT)
I appease, conciliate
ἀρεσκομαι ἀρεσομαι ἠρεσαμην
ἀειγενετης ες
I wrench aside
παρασπάω -ασω
sitting beside (as subst., companion)
παρεδρος ον
I mock at; I sport in
ἐμπαιζω -ξομαι
the grave ('where all must sleep')
παγκοιτης, ὁ
φέγγος, φέγγους, τό