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having a share of (+GEN)
ἐγκληρος ον
wedding song, hymenaeus
ὑμεναιος ὁ
famous, renowned
κλεινος η ον
ἐπαινος, ὁ
depths, cavern
κευθος, το
ἐπιχειρα, τα
independent, living under one's own laws
αὐτονομος η ον
clinging (ivy)
ἀτενης (κισσος)
growth; birth
βλαστη, ἡ
ridge (of hills)
δειρας, δειραδος ἡ
ἀλσος, ὁ
fountain, spring
κρηνη, ἡ
new, fresh; strange
ποταινιος ον
pedestal, base
βαθρον, το
I touch
ψαυω ψαυσω ἐψαυσα ἐψαυκα ἐψαυσμαι ἐψαυσθην