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un cadeau
a present
des cadeaux
some presents (irregular plural)
un animal
an animal/pet
des animaux
some animals/pets (irregular plural)
un jeu
a game
des jeux
some games (irregular plural)
to eat (irregular verb)
Je mange
I eat
Tu manges
You eat (sg)
Il mange
He eats
Elle mange
She eats
On mange
One eats/We eat
Nous mangeons
We eat
Vous mangez
You eat (pl)
Ils mangent
They eat (m)
Elles mangent
They eat (f)
some - masculine word
le papier à lettres
the writing paper
J'ai reçu du papier à lettres.
I received some writing paper (r).
de la
some - feminine word
la pâte à modeler
modelling clay
On m'a offert de la pâte à modeler.
I received some modelling clay (o).
de l'
some - word starting with a vowel
l'argent (m)
J'ai reçu de l'argent.
I received some money (r).
some - plural
les baskets (f)
the trainers
On m'a acheté des baskets.
I was bought some trainers.