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to leave
je pars
I leave
tu pars
you (sg) leave
il part
he leaves
elle part
she leaves
on part
one leaves/we leave
nous partons
we leave
vous partez
you (pl) leave
ils partent
they leave (m)
elles partent
they leave (f)
to start
je commence
I start
tu commences
you (sg) start
il commence
he starts
elle commence
she starts
on commence
one starts/we start
nous commençons
we start
vous commencez
you (pl) start
ils commencent
they (m) start
elles commencent
they (f) start
cedilla - softens the c in front of "o, a or u". Occurs in the nous form of verbs ending "-cer"
to place
se laver
to wash
je me lave
I wash
tu te laves
you (sg) wash
il se lave
he washes
elle se lave
she washes
on se lave
one washes/we wash
nous nous lavons
we wash
vous vous lavez
you (pl) wash
ils se lavent
they (m) wash
elles se lavent
they (f) wash
se promener
to go for a walk (irregular verb - 1,2,3,6 type verb - grave accent appears on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th persons)
je me promène
I go for a walk
tu te promènes
you (sg) go for a walk
il se promène
he goes for a walk
elle se promène
she goes for a walk
on se promène
one goes for a walk/we go for a walk
nous nous promenons
we go for a walk
vous vous promenez
you (pl) go for a walk
ils se promènent
they (m) go for a walk
elles se promènent
they (f) go for a walk
se lever
to get up (1,2,3,6 irregular verb)
to buy (1,2,3,6 irregular verb)
verb + definite article + subject
expressing likes or dislikes of a subject (v + d a + s)
J'aime le dessin.
I love art. (aimer)
J'adore la biologie.
I love biology. (adorer)
no article with avoir
saying which subjects you have
Nous avons sciences à onze heures et demie.
We have science at half past eleven.