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Je vais prendre le train à six heures du soir.
I am going to take the train at six pm.
present infinitive
to be going to do something (near future tense): aller in the ? tense + ? (answer:? ?)
Nous allons aller à l'école en bus.
We are going to go to school by bus.
infinitive pronoun person
reflexive verbs with the near future: main verb stays in ? but ? changes according to ? (answer:? ? ?)
Tu vas te coucher à huit heures ce soir.
You (sg) are going to go to bed at eight o'clock tonight.
Nous allons nous laver dans la salle de bains.
We are going to wash in the bathroom.
by (all means of transport apart from some exceptions)
Je vais en France en avion normalement.
Usually I go to France by plane.
à pied
on foot
à cheval
on horseback
à vélo/en vélo
by bike (2 versions)
à moto/en moto
by motorbike (2 versions)
à mobylette/en mobylette
by moped (2 versions)
to come (motion verb with être)
je viens
I come
tu viens
you (sg) come
il vient
he comes
elle vient
she comes
on vient
one comes/we come
nous venons
we come
vous venez
you (pl) come
ils viennent
they (m) come
elles viennent
they (f) come
to be able to
je peux
I can
tu peux
you (sg) can
il peut
he can
elle peut
she can
on peut
one can/we can
nous pouvons
we can
vous pouvez
you (pl) can
ils peuvent
they (m) can
elles peuvent
they (f) can
to have to
je dois
I must
tu dois
you (sg) must
il doit
he must
elle doit
she must
on doit
one must/we must
nous devons
we must
vous devez
you (pl) must
ils doivent
they (m) must
elles doivent
they (f) must