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Arithmetic/Logic Unit
Performs arithmetic computations and logical operations
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Also known as the microprocessor; the brain of the computer
Circuit Board
A thin plate or board that contains electronic components
Electronic Device that receives, processes, and stores data, and produces a result
Control Unit
The part of the central processing unit that controls the flow of information through the processor
Information entered into the computer to be processed that consists of text, numbers, sounds, and images
Hard Disks
A data storage unit inside a computer that can store a large quantity of data. Provides advantages speed and capacity.
The tangible physical equipment that can be seen and touched. Actual machines, wires, transistors, and circuits.
The computer receives data through an input device, processes data, and stores the data on a storage device
Where data is stored on the computer's motherboard
Mobile Devices
Electronic devices that fit into the palm of your hand such as personal digital assistants or cell phone
A circuit board that contains all of the computer system's main components. "Houses all the main components for the computer."
Notebook Computers
Portable computers; personal computers that contain the monitor with a built in keyboard. Designed to be carried from one location to another
Random Access
Computer location where instructions and data are stored "Short Term Memory". Goes away when the computer is turned off.
Read Only Memory (ROM)
Permanent storage instructions are burned onto chips by the manufacturer. "Long Term Memory" stays when the computer is turned off.
Used by small to medium sized companies and can support many users. It handles requests for data, email, file transfers, and other network services
Intangible (Can't Touch) set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
Largest and fastest computer capable of storing and processing
Tablet PC
Personal computer similar in size and thickness to a notepad on which you can take notes using a stylus or digital pin
USB Flash Drive
Solid-State storage medium. Small removable data storage device.