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corporate social responsibility (CSR)
proposal that organisations should be obliged to make decisions based not only on financial/economic factors but also on the social and environmental consequences of their activities
discharge a debt
pay a debt completely
ethics pl
a system of accepted beliefs which control behaviour, especially such a system based on morals
not perfectly made or not working correctly
person who supports an idea (or product)
things such as medical insurance that employees receive in addition to money
better off
knock-on effect
when an event or situation has a knock-on effect, it indirectly causes other events or situations
idea or theory on which a statement or action is based
encouraging change in the way that things are done
collect and treat rubbish in order to produce useful materials which can be used again
official rule
person such as an employee, customer or citizen who is involved with an organisation and therefore has an interest in its success
not morally acceptable
break even
make neither a loss nor a profit doing business
economic downturn
reduction in a country’s financial activity
when you try to achieve a plan, activity, or situation, usually over a long period of time
go into a worse state, often because of lack of control or care
when people obey an order, rule or request
describes something which must be done, or which is demanded by law
word of mouth
people telling each other how good a product is
(total amount gathered of) a plant such as a grain, fruit or vegetable grown in large amounts
money given as part of the cost of something, to help or encourage it to happen
trade tariff
tax collected by a government on goods coming into or sometimes going out of a country