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Genitive 1: Possession, Masculine Nouns

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an fhir (gen)
the man's
hata an fhir (gen)
the man's hat
na bhfear (gen)
the men's
an mhic (gen)
the son's
ainm an mhic
the son's name
na mac (gen)
the sons'
an chait (gen)
the cat's
bia an chait
the cat's food
na gcat (gen)
the cats'
uisce na gcat
the cats' water
an mhúinteora (gen)
the teacher's
bia madra
dog food
an mhadra (gen)
the dog's
ceann an mhadra
the dog's head
na madraí (gen)
the dogs'
uisce na madraí
the dogs' water
Oifig an Phoist
the post office