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Numbers, General Conjunctive

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general conjunctive numbers
aon (number)
one (general conjuctive)
aon chapall amháin
one single horse ("one" emphasized)
dhá (number)
two (general conjuctive)
dhá mhadra
two dogs
trí chileagram
three kilograms
ceithre chat
four cats
cúig leabhar
five books
sé chat
six cats
seacht lá
seven days
naoi n-úll
nine apples
deich madra
ten dogs
aon chat déag
11 cats
aon sheomra dhéag
11 rooms
dhá chat déag
12 cats
dhá sheomra dhéag
12 rooms
trí bhád déag
13 boats
ocht mbosca dhéag
18 boxes
fiche cat
20 cats
cat is fiche
21 cats
dhá chapall is fiche
22 horses
naoi mbosca is fiche
29 boxes
aon cheann amháin
one single thing ("one" emphasized)
dhá cheann
two things
trí cinn
three things
ceithre cinn
four things
cúig cinn
five things
sé cinn
six things
seacht gcinn
seven things
ocht gcinn
eight things
naoi gcinn
nine things
deich gcinn
ten things
fiche ceann
20 things
tríocha ceann
30 things
daichead ceann
40 things
céad ceann
100 things
ceithre bliana
four years
ceithre troithe
four feet
seacht seachtaine is fiche
27 weeks
céad míle fáilte
a hundred thousand welcomes