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Numbers, Enough!

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enough, lots of (adjective; "L")
Is leor sin!
That is enough! (leor)
go leor
enough, lots of (w/ adverbial particle "go")
An bhfuil go leor agat?
Do you have enough? (go leor)
go leor airgid
lots of money (go leor)
mór go leor
biggish (go leor)
maith go leor
acceptable (go leor)
Ceart go leor!
Okay! (go leor)
enough (noun: sufficiency, sufficient quantity; "d")
An bhfuil a dhóthain aige?
Does he have enough? (dóthain)
An bhfuil a dóthain aici?
Does she have enough? (dóthain)
An bhfuil ár ndóthain againn?
Do we have enough? (dóthain)
majority, greater part (noun: "f")
for the most part (d')
an formhór mór acu
the vast majority of them (acu)
a lán
a lot (a ...)
a lán daoine
a lot of people (a ...)
some (unspecified quantity of: "r")
roinnt daoine
some people (unspecified quantity of)
average amount