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Verbs: Past 2 - 2ndConj

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fiafraigh (root)
ask, enquire ("f"; root)
d'fhiafraigh tú
you asked ("f")
aontaigh (root)
unite, agree (root)
d'aontaigh sé
he united, he agreed
ullmhaigh (root)
prepare (root; "u")
d’ullmhaigh sí
she prepared
sínigh (root)
sign (root)
shínigh mé
I signed
inis (root)
tell (root)
d'inis sé
he told
níor inis siad
they didn't tell
ceistigh (root)
question (root)
cheistigh mé
I questioned
oibrigh (root)
work (root)
d'oibrigh sí
she worked
cuimhnigh (root)
remember (root)
chuimhnigh tú
you remembered
taitin (root)
shine (root)
thaitin sí
she shone
we shone
ceannaigh (root)
buy (root)
cheannaigh siad
they bought
ar cheannaigh siad?
did they buy?