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Verbal Nouns, Used as Progressive [extra]

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Táim ag ithe.
I am eating
Táim ag ithe úill.
I am eating an apple.
Táim ag freagairt.
I am answering.
Táim ag freagairt dó.
I am answering him.
Táim ag baint taitnimh as.
I am enjoying it.
Táim á ghlaoch.
I am calling him
Táim á léamh.
I am reading it.
Tá sé á ithe.
He is eating it.
Tá sé á n-ithe
He is eating them
Tá an leabhar á léamh.
The book is being read.
Tá an leabhar á léamh agam.
The book is being read by me.
Tá Gaeilge á labhairt.
Irish is being spoken.
Tá Gaeilge á labhairt agam.
Irish is being spoken by me.
Tá mo theach á thógáil
My house is being built
plé (VN)
discussion (VN)
Tá siad do mo phlé.
They are discussing me.
Tá siad do do phlé.
They are discussing you.
Tá siad á phlé.
They are discussing him.
Tá siad á plé.
They are discussing her.
dár (do+ár)
to our (do+ár)
Tá siad dár bplé.
They are discussing us.
Tá siad do bhur bplé.
They are discussing you. (pl)
Tá siad á bplé.
They are discussing them.
Níl siad do mo phlé.
They are not discussing me.
Tá sé do m'athrú
He is changing me
Tá sé do d'athrú
He is changing you.
Tá sé á hathrú
He is changing her
Tá sé do bhur n-athrú
He is changing you (pl)
Nílim ag ceapadh é sin.
I am not thinking that
Bhí sé do m'ionsaí
He was attacking me.
Bhí sé do do ghortú
He was injuring you.
Bhí sé á hionsaí
He was attacking her.
Bhí sé do bhur ngortú
He was injuring you (pl)
Bhí an siopa á dhúnadh.
The shop was closing.
Bhí sé á n-ionsaí.
He was attacking them.