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Má tá tú, tá sí.
If you are, she is. (má)
Má rithim, ólaim.
If I run, I drink. (má)
Má théann tú, téann sí.
If you go, she goes. (má)
Má d'ól mé caife, d'ól sé tae.
If I drank coffee, he drank tea. (má)
if not (for negative clause)
Mura bhfuil tú gnóthach, tar linn.
If you aren't busy, come with us.
Mura n-itheann tú spionáiste, ní bheidh tú láidir.
If you don't eat spinach, you will not become strong. (mura)
if not (for negative clause if following verb begins w/vowel)
Murar ól mé caife, níor ól sé caife.
If I didn't drink coffee, he didn't drink coffee. (murar)