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Verbs: Conditional - If/Then with "Dá"

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dá (conj)
if ("d": positive conditional clause)
dá mbeadh airgead agam
if I had money (dá: conditional)
Dá mbeadh airgead agam, cheannóinn teach mór.
If I had money, I'd buy a big house. (dá: conditional)
dá n-imreoinn
if I would play (dá: conditional)
Dá n-imreoinn bheadh sé sásta.
If I would play he would be happy. (dá: conditional)
if not (for negative clause)
mura mbeifeá ansin
if you were not there (mura: conditional)
Mura mbeifeá ansin bheadh sé anseo.
If you were not there he would be here. (mura: conditional)
mura mbeadh sé ag obair
if he were not working (mura: conditional)
Mura mbeadh sé ag obair d'fheicfeadh sé í.
If he were not working he would see her. (mura: conditional)