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Eclipsis 2: Review, Prepositions

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ag an
at the
cinema (place)
ag an bpictiúrlann
at the cinema
ag an teach
at the house
ar an
on the
ar an mbord
on the table
ar an tsráid (F)
on the street
naoi mbliana
nine years
ar an úll
on the apple
faoin gcailín
under the girl
leis an ("le"+"an")
with the
leis an bhfear
with the man
ón gcailín
from the girl
roimh an
before the
roimh an gcailín
before the girl
thar an mbiachlár
over the menu
tríd an mbiachlár
through the menu
um an
around the
um an mbosca
around the box
i dtrioblóid
in trouble