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Nominative fem. sing.

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a' bhròg
the shoe f
a' chaileag
the girl f
a' ghainmheach
the sand f
a' mhuir
the sea f
a' phòcaid
the pocket f
an fhreagairt
the answer f
an fhàire
the horizon f
an fhaoileag
the seagull f
an fheadag
the whistle f
an t-slighe
the way f
an t-snàthad
the needle f
an t-sràid
the street f
an t-seacaid
the jacket f
an nighean
the daughter f
an sgoil
the school f
an uinneag
the window f
an tuairmse
the estimate f
an lèine
the shirt f