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Specific Noun-Verb Connections III

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den Hut nehmen
to resign from a position
Abstand nehmen
to distance oneself
sich in acht nehmen
to be careful, look after oneself (emphatic)
in Aktion treten
to go into action
zu Ansehen gelangen
to become well-known, to make a name for onself
Anstoß nehmen an
to take offense, exception (sich empören)
Anteil nehmen an
to take an interest in something, take part in
im Auge haben
to eye something
in Aussicht stehen
to be in prospect
in Aussicht stellen
to hold out the prospect of (something)
zur Auswahl stehen
to be on offer, to be available
in Bedrängnis geraten
to be in a tough position, to have troubles
im Begriff sein
to be about to do something
in Besitz nehmen
to take possession of something (forcefully)
in Betracht ziehen
to consider
in Betrieb setzen
to activate, start a machine
im Einsatz sein
to be on duty
auf die Folter spannen
to make someone wait unnecessarily (torturously)
im Gange sein
to be underway (a plan)
in Kauf nehmen
to tolerate, to have to accept