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Мы много думали
We were thinking a lot
Она думала о школе
She was thinking about school
Вчера он не ходил в школу
He did not go to school yesterday
Мой брат много раз читал эту книгу
My brother read this book many times
Мама и папа говорили о нас
Mom and dad were talking about us
Что она читала?
What was she reading?
Где они жили?
Where did they live?
Мы работали в Германии пять лет
We worked in Germany for five years
to try, attempt
Он пытался работать, хотя и хотел спать
He was trying to work although he wanted to sleep
to try, attempt (perfective)
to try, taste
Все всё знали
Everyone knew everything
Он много раз меня видел
He has seen me many times
to wait
to wait (perfective)
Зимой я ждала весны
In winter, I was waiting for spring
Мальчик стоял и ждал
The boy was standing and waiting
to stand, to be situated
Нет, я не ходил домой
No, I did not go home
Мама ходила на работу
Mom went to work (habitual)
Он жил
He lived
Она жила
She lived
Мы жили
We lived
Он не мог найти собаку
He couln't find the dog
Мы не могли спать
We couldn't sleep
он пошёл
he went
она пошла
she went
оно пошло
it went (neuter)
они пошли
they went
to come, arrive (perfective)
он пришёл
he came
она пришла
she came
оно пришло
it came (neuter)
они пришли
they came
он ел
he was eating
она ела
she was eating