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βία, βίας, ἡ
force, strength, act of violence, violence
βίος, βίου, ὁ
life, livelihood
βλάπτω, βλάѱω, ἔβλαѱα, ἐβλάφθην
I harm
βλέπω, βλέѱω, ἔβλεѱα
I look, I see
βοάω, βοήσομαι, ἐβόησα
I shout,shout
βοή, βοῆς, ἡ
shout, cry
βοήθεια, βοηθείας, ἡ
help; reinforcements
βοηθέω, βοηθήσω, ἐβοήθησα, ἐβοήθην
I help (+dat.)
βουλεύομαι, βουλεύσομαι,ἐβουλευσάμην
I consider, I plan, I discuss, I deliberate, I decide
βουλεύω, βουλεύσω, ἐβούλευσα
I discuss, I plan, I consider
βουλή, βουλῆς, ἡ
plan, counsel; a council
βούλομαι, βουλήσομαι, ἐβουλήθην
I wish, I am willing
βραδύς, βραδεῖα, βραδύ
βωμός, βωμοῦ, ὁ
platform, altar
γαμέομαι, γαμοῦμαι, ἐγημάμην
I marry (of a woman) (+dat.)
γαμέω, γαμῶ, ἔγημα, ἐγαμήθην
I marry (of a man)
γελάω, γελάσομαι, ἐγέλασα, ἐγελάσθην
I laugh
γένος, γένους, τό
race, descent, type, family
γέρων, γέροντος, ὁ
old man
γέφυρα, γεφύρας, ἡ
bridge; dam
γίγνομαι, γενήσομαι, ἐγενόμην
I become, I happen, I occur
γιγνώσκω, γνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἐγνώσθην
I know, I realise, I understand
γλυκύς, γλυκεῖα, γλυκύ
sweet, delightful
γλῶσσα, γλώσσης, ἡ
tongue, language