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of course
through (+gen); because of, on account of (+acc.)
διαλέγομαι, διαλέξομαι, διελεξάμην,διελέχθην
I converse (with +dat.)
διὰ τί
διαφθείρω, διαφθερῶ, διέφθειρα,διεφθάρην
I destroy, I corrupt
διδάσκω, διδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, ἐδιδάχθην
I teach, I tell
δίδωμι, δώσω, ἔδωκα, ἐδόθην
I give
διηγέομαι, διηγήσομαι, διηγησάμην
I narrate
δίκαιος, δικαία, δίκαιον
just, fair, upright, moral
δίκη, δίκης, ἡ
justice; lawsuit, penalty
δι' ὀλίγου
διώκω, διώξω, ἐδίωξα, ἐδιώχθην
I chase, I pursue
δοκεῖ (μοι), δόξει, ἔδοξε
it seems good (to me), (I) decide
δοκέω, δόξω, ἔδοξα
I think; I seem (to +dat.)
δόλος, δόλου, ὁ
δόξα, δόξας, ἡ
opinion, glory
δουλεύω, δουλεύσω, ἐδούλευσα
I am a slave
δούλη, δούλης, ἡ
female slave
δοῦλος, δούλου, ὁ
δουλόω, δουλώσω, ἐδούλωσα,ἐδουλώθην
I enslave
δράω, δράσω, ἔδρασα, ἐδράσθην
I do
δρόμος, δρόμου, ὁ
racecourse, race, a run
δύναμαι, δυνήσομαι, ἐδυνήθην
I am able, I can
δύναμις, δυνάμεως, ἡ
power, capacity