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Dè 'n uair a tha e?
What's the time?
Tha e uair
It's one o'clock
Tha e da uair
It's two o'clock
Tha e tri uairean
It's three o'clock
tha e ceithir uairean anns a' mhadainn
It's four o'clock in the morning
tha e còig uairean feasgar
it's five o'clock in the afternoon
Tha e leth-uair an dèidh sia
It's half past six
Tha e cairteal an dèidh ochd
It's quarter past eight
Tha e cairteal gu deich
It's quarter to ten
Tha e aon uair deug
It's eleven o'clock
Tha e meadhan-là
It's midday
Tha e meadhan-oidhche
It's midnight
Tha e trì mionaidean deug an dèidh ceithir
It is thirteen minutes past four
Tha e fichead mionaid an dèidh còig
It is twenty past five
Tha e fichead mionaid gu h-ochd
It is twenty to eight