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Tha e còig mionaidean fichead gu naoi
It is twenty-five to nine
Bidh mi a' dol a-mach a-rithist aig cairteal an dèidh ceithir
I will be going out again at quarter past four
Càite am bi thu a' dol?
Where will you be going?
Bidh mi a' dol don taigh-cluiche
I will be going to the theatre
Bidh mi ag èirigh aig naoi uairean
I will be getting up at nine o'clock
is toigh leam
I like
is toigh leat
you like (sg)
is toigh leis
he likes
is toigh leatha
she likes
is toigh leinn
we like
is toigh leibh
you like (pl)
is toigh leotha
they like
An toigh leat ceòl Gaidhealach?
Do you like Gaelic music?
Is toigh leam gu mòr e
I really like it
Is toigh leam ceòl Ceilteach agus ceòl Afraganach
I like Celtic music and African music