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Cha toigh leam idir e
I don't like it at all
Am bu toigh leat dhol don Mhòd am bliadhna?
Would you like to go to the Mod this year?
Bu toigh leam a dhol ann
I would like to go
Is toigh leam an ceòl aig a' Mhòd
I like the music at the Mod
Is toigh leam na dannsaichean
I like the dances
Is toigh leam dannsadh
I like dancing
An toigh leat na cèilidhean?
Do you like the ceilidhs?
Am bu toigh leat cupa tì?
Would you like a cup of tea?
Bu toigh leam cupa cofaidh
I would like a cup of coffee
Am bi do phàrantan aig a' Mhòd?
Will your parents be at the Mod?
An toigh leat ceòl Albannach?
Do you like Scottish music?
An toigh leat an fhìdheall?
Do you like the fiddle?
Bu toigh leam dhol don fhèis
I would like to go to the feis
Tha dithis bhalach aice
She has two boys
two people