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Seall ormsa
Look at me
Dè tha ceàrr ort?
What is wrong with you?
Tha mo bheul ro bheag.
My mouth is too small.
Tha mo chluasan ro mhòr.
My ears are too big.
Tha mi grànda.
I'm ugly.
Tha thu cho bòidheach ri Anna.
You are as beautiful as Anna.
Tha gàirdeanan fada orm.
I have long arms.
Tha do shùilean brèagha.
Your eyes are lovely.
A bheil thu toilichte?
Are you pleased?
Nach eil thu toilichte?
Aren't you pleased?
Tha mo làmhan ro mhòr
My hands are too big
Tha mo chluasan ro bheag.
My ears are too small
Nach eil mi grànda?
Am I not ugly?
Nach bi thu a' coimhead anns an sgàthan?
Don't you look in the mirror?
Is toigh leam a bhith caol
I like being thin