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A bheil an t-acras oirbh
Are you hungry? (plural / formal)
A bheil am pathadh ort?
Are you thirsty? (singular / informal)
disorder, trouble
An gabh thu bracaist?
Will you have some breakfast?
Yes (in response to 'An gabh thu bracaist?')
An gabh thu lite?
Will you take porridge?
Tha am pathadh orm
I'm thirsty
Tha is ormsa
So am I
An gabh thu bainne is siùcar anns a' chofaidh?
Will you take milke and sugar in the coffee?
Càite a bheil do chupa?
Where is your cup?
air a' bhòrd
on the table
Tha mi ag iarraidh lite an àite tost
I want porridge instead of toast
Cha ghabh
No (in response to 'An gabh thu bracaist?')
Sin bracaist mhath!
That's a good breakfast!