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Nach gabh thu deoch làidir?
Won't you take an alcoholic drink?
Càite an robh thu?
Where were you?
Bha mi ann an taigh-seinnse
I was in a pub
Dh'òl mi cus
I drank too much
Cha robh sin glic
That wasn't wise
Dè dh'òl thu a-raoir?
What did you drink last night?
Cha do dh'òl mi uisge-beatha
I didn't drink whiskey
Dh'òl mi fìon
I drank wine
Is toigh leam fìon geal
I like white wine
Cha toigh leam fìon dearg.
I don't like red wine
Dh'ith mi cus
I ate too much
standing stone
standing stones
ionad cultarail
cultural centre