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Dè chluinneas sinn?
What will we hear?
Cò ghabhas deoch?
Who will have a drink?
Cuin a dh'itheas sinn?
When will we eat?
'S e geama math a th' ann
It's a good game
is fheàrr le
b' fheàrr le
preferred / would prefer
Dè spòrs as fheàrr leat?
What sport do you like best?
Is fheàrr leam snàmh
I like swimming best
ice hockey
Is fheàrr leam hocaidh-deighe na hocaidh
I prefer ice hockey to (field) hockey
A bheil thu math air?
Are you good at it?
Bidh mise a' cluich rugbaidh anns a' gheamhradh
I play rugby in winter
Dè bhios tu a' cluich as t-samhradh?
What do you play in summer?
Cha bhi mi a' cluich dad
I don't play anything