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Is fìor thoigh leam ceòl
I love music
Is fìor thoigh leam clann
I love children
An toigh leat iguanathan?
Do you like iguanas?
'S fheàrr leam cait
I prefer cats
An toigh leat pinc?
Do you like pink?
Is lugha orm leann, 's fheàrr leam fìon
I hate beer, I prefer wine
ceann maol
bald head
Is lugha orm pinc ach 's fìor thoigh leam dearg
I hate pink but I love red
'S e dannsair a tha nam athair
My father is a dancer
'S e saor a tha nam athair
My father is a carpenter
'S e fiaclair a tha nam mhàthair
My mother is a dentist
'S e dràibhear a tha nam mhac
My son is a driver