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'S e DJ a tha nam nighinn
My daughter is a DJ
'S e saor a tha nam mhnaoi
My wife is a carpenter
'S e neach-ciùil a tha nam fhear-cèile
My husband is a musician
Tha mo cheann goirt
My head is sore
Tha mo chas briste
My leg is broken
Tha m' òrdagan briste
My toes are broken
Tha cnatan orm
I have a cold
Tha druim goirt agam
I have backache
Tha casadaich orm
I have a cough
Tha bhìoras orm
I have a virus
Gabh seo
Take this
Tha e seann-fhasanta
He is old-fashioned
Tha e sunndach
He's cheerful