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cha do chòrd
no (in response to 'An do chòrd X riut?')
Bha tidsear math math againn
We had a very good teacher
Bha e laghach
He was nice
An do chòrd e riut anns an sgoil nuair a bha thu òg?
Did you enjoy being at school when you were young?
Dè an t-ainm a bh’ air?
What was his name?
rionnagan òir
gold stars
rionnagan airgid
silver stars
An do chuir e rionnagan anns an leabhar agad?
Did he put stars in your book?
Nach robh thu toilichte?
Weren't you pleased?
An do thachair dad annasach anns an sgoil?
Did anything unusual happen in the school?
chuireadh e uisge anns a' phoit
he would put water in the pot
thogadh iad na clachan
they would lift the rocks
would put (past habitual)
would lift (past habitual)